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Places For Day Outing In Bangalore

Finding moments of calm in the middle of Bangalore’s busy streets and demanding schedules can seem like a far-off fantasy. But fear not—BanaResort, your tranquil sanctuary surrounded by the embrace of nature, is only a short drive away.


A Green Sanctuary

The sound of nature’s symphony, including the soft rustle of leaves, the lyrical chirping of birds, and the calming murmur of flowing water, welcomes you as you enter BanaResort. The resort, which is surrounded by gorgeous scenery and an abundance of flora, provides a tranquil haven from the bustle of the city. Breathe in the fresh air, stroll gently down winding roads, and feel the stress of city life wash away.

Venture Calls

BanaResort has a wide range of exhilarating activities to fulfil your adventurous spirit if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush. Play paintball with your buddies in the surrounding natural setting or try your agility on our high-ropes course. Experience our thrilling zip line tour and feel the wind in your hair as you soar through the treetops. There is plenty to enjoy for everyone, regardless of experience level with thrill-seeking or first-time explorers.

Savour the Luxurious

Take use of the opulent amenities of BanaResort for some well-earned pampering after a day filled with adventure and excitement. Enjoy a revitalising swim in our pool’s glistening clear waters while taking in the gorgeous surroundings. Indulge in a restorative spa treatment, where knowledgeable therapists will relieve your stress and leave you feeling renewed.

A feast for the senses is a must for any excursion, and at BanaResort, we elevate your dining experience to a whole new level. Savour a lavish buffet spread that includes a variety of delicious meals that have been expertly prepared by our culinary specialists. Every taste might be piqued by something, from foreign favourites to traditional Indian specialties. Enjoy your dinner in the calm atmosphere of our dining room, which is encircled by expansive views of the resort’s breathtaking scenery.

Fun for the Whole Family

BanaResort is the ideal location for a day of family bonding and pleasure in addition to being a popular place for adventure lovers. With swings, slides, and climbing frames, our dedicated play area is the perfect place for kids to let loose. Play a round of mini-golf with friends or take a leisurely ride on a bicycle along beautiful pathways. As you and your loved ones discover the beauty of nature together, make priceless memories.

Reasonably Priced Luxurious

At BanaResort, we think everyone should be able to afford luxury. We provide reasonable day trip packages that are made to fit any budget because of this. Whether you’re organising a group adventure, a lonely retreat, or a romantic holiday, our packages guarantee an unforgettable experience without going over budget.

Make Your Escape Reservation Now!

Why then wait? At BanaResort, take a trip away from the usual and discover relaxation and adventure. We offer everything you need for a fantastic day adventure, whether your goals are excitement, leisure, or spending time with loved ones. Visit BanaResort to plan your getaway and take in the breathtaking scenery.

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BanaResort Is Your Oasis Awaiting You.

Is your employment negatively impacting your well-being?
Are you having difficulty adjusting to the new commute to work?
Is now a suitable time to take a final break before returning to work?

These are the issues people are asking as they head into 2021, as well as additional inquiries about how government agencies may have handled things better. The sudden closure of businesses and retailers harmed the economy. Many people believe things could have been managed better, while others believe everything needed to go wrong did so in 2020. 2021 will be an excellent start. The already struggling economy has sunk deeper, and the new year promises a fresh start.

The lockdown may have been used to prepare for future seasons and the challenges they may bring. The hospitality business, in particular, might have been informed of the shutdown ahead of time. So they may have had a plan in place. Hotels and resorts in Bangalore, particularly budget resorts in Bangalore that people used for day trips or family gatherings and functions, were hit the hardest, with a sudden drop in check-ins and those who could not check out forced to spend the entire lockdown period indoors with only essentials at their disposal.

The world came together as the people stayed apart!”

When we go back and consider the effects in those who are accustomed to living a specific lifestyle, it’s difficult not to believe that the consequences may have been worse. To say the least, the government’s decision to prohibit things that most people utilise in their daily lives aside from necessities was rushed. People who used to drive to a resort near Bangalore for a fast weekend escape, as well as travel nerds looking for a hideout for a night or two, are now organising their outdoor travels again in pursuit of the same adrenaline they appear to have lost during the national lockdown.

While most companies took the unlock slowly, made sure all their employees were in sync with the decision, and some even rolled out half-yearly plans stating employees only have to report once or maybe twice a week, informal sector or built in informal settlements where social distancing is technically not possible due to the area between the two desks or land mass, there are still concerns about what the post-vaccine era looks like as it is still not advised to

Hotels, restaurants, and resorts around Bangalore are still following the regular lockdown procedures, with the exception of social distancing requirements. The industry is currently working to get back on track. Short-term strategies and advertising are being implemented to entice clients to spend their summer vacations in Bangalore resorts with swimming pools, where they can spend time with their children and friends while playing adventure games appropriate for both.

Many budget resorts in Bangalore have come up with unique ideas and exciting games for both large and small groups to participate in. Along with the introduction of games, there is a constant stream of incentives and discounts that visitors can take advantage of while on the premises.

There are a few resorts that allow groups of all sizes to spend quality time with coworkers, friends, and family. These resorts will not deplete your savings because they are among the top budget-friendly resorts in Bangalore, located close to the city. They provide the solitude you need when you need it, the adventure as it comes, and the get-together your colleagues have been planning for a long time, all before you hit the ground running.

Some amenities that the top resorts in Bangalore should provide:
Swimming Pool
Buffet Lunch and dinner, including adventure games.
Teambuilding Activities
Kids’ play area
Bon Fire
Walking area for the elderly.
Places with fresh air and amenities that are difficult to get in cities are essential. Let me recommend the two top resorts in Bangalore so you do not have to look farther.

The Bana resort.

Some places don’t need an introduction, while others do because the experience is different each time; they offer you something different and unique with each visit, or perhaps we’re finally seeing the nuances with which they work and the level at which they operate.

The bana Resort is one of the greatest resorts in Bangalore for day trips, with a unique feeling of approach and ace level service even when the chips were down in 2020. Maintaining social separation and keeping personnel up to date on rapid changes in norms is a difficult job, but The Gari Resort has done it successfully.

The place is alive with new games and activities. 2020 got off to a fantastic start. The removal of Trump from social media sites, the election in the United States, Joe Biden’s victory, and Elon Musk becoming the richest man in the world transformed the world into a sphere of hope.

The frosting on the cake was that the world’s largest pharmaceutical corporations declared the vaccinations safe to use and will make them available to the public. As a result, people all around the world are already reaping the benefits of vaccination. After India declared its own vaccination, the country embarked on a new beginning, and businesses began planning ahead of what is expected to be a huge year. Resorts in Bangalore are not holding back either. The bana Resort has added new activities for corporate employees and their families who are interested in participating.

The most renowned activity is horseback riding.
Horseback riding in Bangalore is uncommon. People frequently avoid horseback riding because they are afraid of being pushed back by horses or of horses losing control while on their back. Budget resorts in Bangalore typically avoid investing in sports like horseback riding because they are ineffective. However, bana has gone above and beyond, believing that if people were convinced of their safety by professionals, they would accept it wholeheartedly and put their money where their mouth is.

Experienced specialists will constantly be stationed near the horses, assuring the highest safety for those who want to ride them. Some health benefits of horseback riding include:

Helps develop core strength.
Horseback riding is an excellent workout for developing core strength. It requires riders to stand up straight and maintain the proper posture throughout, unlocking strength in muscles that would not be possible otherwise.
Good for the brain.
Horseback riding is a never-ending learning experience. Each horse is unique. Before riding a horse, one must have the same knowledge and trust in it. The more time you spend learning, the more active your brain will become.
Day outing package in Bana.

The package contains 7 adventure activities, 6 low rope hanging activities, and archery.
Pool access, rain dance, and use of the resort’s normal services.
Make use of the property’s all-new functionality. Get aboard that horse and make your fantasy come true. The horses are well-trained, fed, and not abused in any way. Other activities at the Gari Resort include:

Activities include zip line, pipe bridge, burma bridge, wood cross, PG ladder, commander walk, multi vine, ATV quad bike ride, unstoppable cross bridge, wood cross, single line bridge, burma bucket and triangle.
The Cassava Retreat.

Most Indian cultures enjoy spending a day out with their families in a park, enjoying home-cooked meals while reclining on the makeshift linen they brought along. A day outing in Bangalore is no different. Families spend the entire time watching their children on the seasaw or tugging and pushing each other on the swing. Nowadays, most parks provide climbers for children to help them acquire strength and stamina. However, swimming pool facilities are rarely provided due to the high danger of accidents and a lack of workers.

Things are shifting. Parents have become more familiar with resorts. Companies that used to hold corporate events on office rooftops, or even inside the office or conference room, are gradually making their way into resorts for more fun to ensue during a day outing in Bangalore, which also serves as a full-fledged event for them to host rewards and recognition programmes.

The bana is undoubtedly one of the best affordable resorts in Bangalore for a day trip. Whether it’s a frigid winter or a scorching hot summer, the site provides everything you need to reclaim the focus that terrible weather has taken away.

The tranquil mood of the place softly gushes into your bloodstream, giving you the experience you’ve been looking for in places that need at least a flight and a five-hour drive to the mountains.

The Cassava Retreat also offers activities and season or event-specific games to keep everyone entertained at all times. Visit the location with your business group or bring your family if you want to arrange a family event such as a wedding reception, birthdays, or anniversaries. Corporate day outings and weekend getaways with pals are some of the events that they typically schedule. Organise your next corporate day adventure near Bangalore and spend the day with:

Activities at The Cassava.
Triangle Commando WorkPipe Bridge
Burma Bridge
Wood Cross PG Ladder
Unstoppable Cross Bridge
Single-line bridge
Zip line

Camping Packages:
Price: Rs. 1100.
The price includes access to the swimming pool.
Rain dance.
Use the resort’s regular facilities.
Seven adventurous activities.
Six low rope activities.
Timing: 1 p.m. to 11 a.m.
Luxury A/C rooms cost Rs. 2000 per person.
The price includes access to the swimming pool.
Rain dance.
Use the resort’s regular facilities.
Seven adventurous activities.
Six low rope activities.
Lunch, High Tea, and Dinner.
Timing: 1 p.m. to 11 a.m.
Non-A/C rooms cost Rs. 1900 per person.
The price includes access to the swimming pool.
Rain dance.
Use the resort’s regular facilities.
Seven adventurous activities.
Six low rope activities.
Timing: 1 p.m. to 11 a.m.
Cassava has various facilities.
Swimming Pool
Indoor games.
Outdoor badminton
Table tennis and children’s play area.
Bon Fire
Rain Dance
Finally, let me say goodbye.
Budget resorts in Bangalore are adjusting their packages and products in response to the unexpected change in global events. With the improvement of affordable immunisations, the population has begun to filter in areas where it previously retreated. Restaurants, bars, pubs, and luxury hotels are now accepting reservations in full swing. Resorts in Bangalore are now relying on corporate day trips to help them recover from the pandemic’s reduced footfall.

The Bana Resort is an ideal escape for your corporate companions looking for a slightly relaxed yet unique experience. When we say unconventional, we mean experiencing something that doesn’t require you to travel far. Stay indoors, play games, soak up the sun with your buddies in the pool, or switch to adventure mode for true spine-chilling activities and a chance at horseback riding.